A Jewish Crime Family is an organized-crime group that is based upon people who have Jewish beliefs or have Jewish backgrounds. Although they are often compared to Italian Mafia and Irish Mob, they are quite different when it comes to the organization of the gang and the way things are carryed out. The number of members in a Jewish Crime Family may range from 40-190 full members. Activites they do include murder, racketeering, prostitution, narcotics/drug trafficking, theft/robbery, gambling, and kidnapping. Back during the Prohibition, they made tons of money from bootlegging. They are based in North America, but may have operations in other countries that include Ireland, Israel (due to some Israel Mafia having Jewish members, and vice versa), etc. The income of a Jewish Crime Family depends on it's size, so it may range from 150 Million to 1.4 Billion.


A Jewish Crime Family does not have a specific order of ranks, but instead, the members go by nicknames. For example, the leader may be called "boss" or "don". A normal member may be called a "footman" or "thug".