Jefferson Tala
Jefferson Tala
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You think he is the most dangerous man in the room right now? Trust me, I was slitting throats and fighting tooth and claw while he was still in diapers.
— Jefferson on the Alpha Wolf

Jefferson Tala is a former U.S senator seemingly working for the Wolves, but in reality, he is one of the gang's original founders and the top advisor of the Alpha Wolf.

Note: This character is OOC info.


Tala was born in Maine in 1956, though he moved to New York when he was 20, where he became affiliated with Randall and Phillip Flagg, and their friend Charles Schrader, who were three relatively small-time gangsters. Noticing the (albeit small) influence they had in New York, Tala convinced the trio to start a gang so they could gain more money for themselves, calling the gang The Wolves.

Jefferson became interested in the politics, and chose to leave the day-to-day operations of his friends as he ran for the Senate. As he became more popular in the political battlefield, his influence with the Wolves shrank as his allies began to take over his duties. Realizing that if he didn't act soon, he'd lose the gang, Tala would intervene before Wolf hitmen could kill a young Alpha Wolf, and raise the boy as his own alongside his actual children, grooming him to play his part in the Wolves. When Alpha turned 18, Tala introduced him to Jack O'Leary, and left him to work his way up the ladder of power in the Wolves, until Alpha staged a coup, killing the Flagg brothers and Schrader, and appointing himself leader of the Wolves, alongside corrupt undercover cop Le Renard and French ex-prostitute/assassin La Coyote. Tala, content with his successes, retired from the Senate and focused on advising Alpha.

Things weren't entirely clear for Jefferson, however, and bitter Wolves member Ollie Lindon hired Omnia Venena member Francis Smith to kill him. Francis wasn't ready for a skilled streetfighter, however, and Jefferson proved to be too much for Smith, leading to him being savagely beaten and losing his eye. Jefferson decided that the humiliation of losing a fistfight to a 57 year old man was enough for Francis, and he convinced Lloyd Kumar that he would spare Francis if he called off the hit.


Killing people is barbaric. I prefer to lie, manipulate, and persuade people to do the dirty work for me.
— Jefferson Tala

Tala is an entirely ruthless and manipulative individual, who will never do something for someone without expecting a favor in return. His mentorship of the Alpha Wolf greatly reflects his willingness to lie and betray at the drop of a hat.

Interaction with other gangsEdit

  • The African Job: Following Jack's merits and accomplishments during the heist, Tala decided that promoting Jack to Top Beta status was the right course of action as a reward for his faithful service.