Jedidiah Greer
Will Graham

None; Retired


Anonymous Broadcaster

Years Active





Arms Trade, Corruption, Murder


Appalachian Vipers; Formerly

First Appearance

The War for New York

Last Appearance

New York Alliance Civil War

You have corrupted the minds of man. You have wounded our leader. You have killed our men. Enough. Is. Enough!
— Jedidiah Greer declares war on The Wolves

Jedidiah Greer is the secretive former leader of the Appalachian Vipers, a criminal group located formerly in the Appalachian mountain range.



Jedidiah Greer was born in 1979, in a small town in Pennsylvania. Eventually growing up to join the military to prove himself as a man, Greer became a veteran U.S. Army Ranger and had a total of 8 years of service. Retiring from the Army, Greer moved to Pittsburgh to marry his long-time girlfriend Lauren (who later died in childbirth). Greer earned a bachelor's degree in military history, and began teaching at the local high school. 


Finding himself with a small paycheck to barely support his young daughter, Jedidiah finally decided to turn to crime when three of his friends, Christopher Salasco, Robert Palmer, and Damien DeLuca, devised an ingenious plan to rob the Washington Bank in the neighboring town. After succeeding in the heist and thwarting efforts of the 1.1K Triad, Greer quickly attempted to hide away to avoid the excitement and threatening of his daughter. Salasco begged him to join him, finally convincing him after the lustrous offer of money and opportunities he could give his daughter. 


Greer, when reacting around those like his friends and family, is often incredibly comedic, casual, and not incredibly threatening. He currently tutors students in history as a side job from law, and is the assistant football coach of the team. Jedidiah treats his daughter, Sarah, like an angel, giving her the best he can afford and making sure she never has toe resort to his level. Greer also has a stock portfolio, with significant parts of his money going into the Salasco Foundation, a large sports goods manufacturing company. 

However, when dealing with criminal businesses, Greer changes from a kind, caring family man into an effectively brutal entrepreneur. Seeing civilians as little more than outside casualties aside from children. Greer can also be incredibly brutal, but prefers to leave torture and long deaths to lower members of the chain.

Greer has also designed a set of morals for the Vipers to follow, hoping to keep their style strictly business and not get incredibly caught up in gang grudges.


  • Greer is an ex-Army Ranger, with a specialty in demolitions and close quarters combat
  • Greer keeps a Glock 19 handgun on his person at all times, with legal permission
  • Greer is an expert in American Kenpo, being his specialty martial art. He also has average skill in judo and haipkido, but he is far from an expert.
  • Greer's wife, Lauren, died giving birth to their daughter in 2001.
  • Greer's sister, Madison, is married to his right-hand-man, Christopher Salasco.