The Japanese Yakuza is a very old traditional organized crime syndicate from Japan tracing it's origins to the 17th century. It is made up of various clans around Japan and unlike most criminal organizations, the Yakuza has a very open place in Japanese society. After World War Two, the Yakuza began expanding it's operations into traditional organized crime rackets such as extortion, racketeering and arms trafficking. Though most prevalent in Japan, the Yakuza have extensive operations in the United States, Western Europe and Canada. In Japan, their structure is similar to the Italian Mafia with an official council of bosses and various clans while overseas their structure though similar, is much more secretive. Their operations in the United States mostly involve drug trafficking, prostitution, arms trafficking and illegal gambling. All the Yakuzas combined make several hundred billion dollars a year. A single Yakuza may make 1-10 billion dollars a year. Stronger ones may make even more. They will have 200-55,000 members, only the strongest ones will have over 50. Infact, ones that just have 5 thousand are incredibly strong, even ones with just 1 thousand are powerful. They remain the most powerful criminal organization in Japan and one of the most powerful in the United States.


  • Oyabun: Boss of the clan
  • Saiko-Komon: Administration
  • Wakagashira: First Lieutenant
  • Shateigashira: Second Lieutenant
  • Shingiin: Law Advisor
  • Kaikei: Accountant
  • Kyodai: Enforcers and Soldiers
  • Shatei: New members and Associates