Jack Dalton




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Drugs Trafficking, Arms Trafficking, Contract Killing, Racketeering


Mojave Pythons

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New York Alliance Civil War

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The Western War

Jack Dalton is a main character and the main antagonist of The Western War. A former DEA Agent turned criminal for more money and thrill in life, Dalton was the founder and leader of the Mojave Pythons before their fall.


Early LifeEdit

Jack Dalton was born as an only child in poor Detroit in 1968. Jack's father, Marcus was a welder and his mother a house wife. Jack was always boisterous and aggressive, regularly getting into fights at school and in the neighborhood.  At the age of 8 he bit into a child's cheek during a fight while loosing, causing minor bleeding and forcing him to see a psychiatrist.

At the age of ten two burglar's broke into Jack's house. Marcus attempted to retaliate but was shot several times putting him in critical condition. While he survived he was turned into a paraplegic as a result of it. This was a very traumatizing experience for Jack.

While retaining his tough attitude, Jack became much more reserved, calm, and wise in high school. Jack began working for his uncle who was an Electrician, and put a strong emphasis on keeping his grades up in high school so he could get into a good college-far enhancing his chances of getting into the DEA. A career path Jack had been wanting for a long time coming from his boisterous nature.


At the age of 23, Jack was accepted into the DEA. Jack would serve a 7 year long career, leaving with the title Special Agent. By the end of his career in the DEA, Jack saw the DEA as ineffective in the long-run.  


When he left the DEA Jack moved to Las Vegas. At a bar once, Jack met a man. An eccentric chemical engineer named Marshall Winters who ran a small engineering firm who after a long talk agreed to give him methylamine and launder his profits so he could make meth, but first Jack would need a crew.  

Finding several solid criminals Jack began to form the crew that would be called the Mojave Pythons.

After making an extensive laundered fortune, Jack invested the money into buying out 52% of the shares to a small international shipping company and made it private.  Then using the chemist's knowledge, he developed crates to make contraband undetectable and began shipping contraband internationally.

The group now operates in drugs, arms, contract killing, and lots of racketeering.

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  • Jack Dalton is the third main character to die.