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Drug Trafficking, Arms Trafficking, Murder


Los Sicarios

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The War for New York

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Fall of the Miami Triangle

Hector is a main character and the main antagonist of Fall of the Miami Triangle. His real name unknown, "Hector" is the alias of the notorious leader of the Los Sicarios cartel.  


Hector's past is unknown, it is just known that in the 1970s-80s he was a drug smuggler in South America doing a lot of of work for the Medelin Cartel.  

In 1988 Hector convinced his on and off Medelin captain that he could put together a reliable crew and smuggle large sums of cocaine into the states using dead bodies.  The captain, Ramon Olmos agreed to this and invested in getting him a front to smuggle the bodies in.  

Hector put together a crew made of mostly of his old associates, using corrupt police officers the crew found people with relatives in the states, killed them then smuggled their bodies in.

In 1993 when the Medelin Cartel collapsed, Hector's crew gained independence and began operating out of Mexico for geographic reasons.  With a great environment brewing, Hector began expanding the crew into a full fledged Cartel. 

By the mid 2000s the Cartel had expanded massively, with now over 400 members.  With drug wars brewing and everybody taking sides, Hector sided with the much larger Los Espartano Cartel and their allies, operating specifically as an armed wing to Los Espartanos.

Hector would die in 2014 during the Fall of the Miami Triangle. He was killed by the Mastermind of Cicada.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Hector rarely ever shows his face in person, most meetings are attended to by his Right Hand Man, Albert Borg.


  • Hector is the second main character to die.