Grisha Mikhilov
Grisha Mikhilov,Brigadier




June 24, 1973




Orthodox Catholic




The Arbiter

Grisha Mikhilov, also known as The Arbiter, is a Brigadier of the Zolnerowich Bratva, and generally acts as peacekeeper between Arman Orlov and Yuri Bogomolov, which is what gave him his nickname.


Growing up Grisha's had a farily normal life. As a child he always had a fasination with animals, and was always exceptionally skilled when handeling them.

Prior to joining the bravta, Grisha was a police officer in Moscow and later Volgograd. During this time period of his life he worked with the K-9 unit as a dog trainer, a skill he would bring into his criminal life, training the bravta's attack dogs.

His time as a police officer gave him a taste of the criminal life, and he liked it. Like many of the bravtas' members, when the Soviet Union feel he changed "professions". His knowledge of the polices inner workings as well as training skills for the bravtas attack dogs is what lead to his rise as Brigadier. As a Brigadier, do to his skill with handeling animals, his main responsablity was the training of the dogs the bravta uses as well as overseaing the transport of the exotic animals, but his knowledge of the workings of the police as well as a quiet a few connections, means he is the first choice when dealing with the police. But he also has an unoffcial job of keeping an eye fellow Brigadier Arman Orlov.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Grisha is the most dipolmatic member of the bravta, and the one least likley to resort to violence. Unlike the rest of the gang who will not hesitate to use violence to there ends, Grisha prefers to keep blood sheed as low as possibly. He is however no coward, and will fight when the situation calls for it.

Grisha has always had skills with handeling animals, seen in his training of the bravta's dogs, but this has also lead to him generally handeling the sale of the exotic animals the bravta trafficks.

Grisha is extremly loyal, more to the Bravta itself rather than to Nikolai himself. While he respect's Nikolai as a leader, in Grisha's mind, the organization should come before any indvidual, even the Pakahn. Becasue of this, he plays the role of peacemaker in the ranks, particuarly between his fellow Brigadiers Arman and Yuri. This loyality is also why the higher ups have Grisha work with the more violitile Arman, his dedication usally enough to curb Arman's more rebelious nature.

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