Gerald Ritter
Gerald Ritter

General of Omnia Venena's Central American Branch



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Running Omnia Venena's Central American Branch; Torture


Omnia Venena

The best way to get to know a man is to have him strapped to a table while you flay him with a knife.
— Gerald Ritter


Gerald Ritter was born in 1970 in Munich. Since his youth, he worked in the numerous factories in the country to make a living. As soon as he was ably, he joined the Heer, the German army. After serving for five years, he was discharged. Immediately afterwards, he was recruited into the notorious PMC MachtWaffe.

In his time working for MachtWaffe, he traveled worldwide and participated in many brutal, bloody wars. Like many others in the PMC, he had a criminal side business; contract killing, in his case. He was very proficient, as his bulk and brains made him a very skilled fighter. Eventually, he caught the interest of Omnia Venena and was recruited into the organization's European Branch.

Ritter left the MachtWaffe and worked his way up the ranks, quickly proving himself capable and ruthless. He showed a knack for torture as well as slow, painful deaths, and was primarily sent on missions that called for those skills.

When Rogue Branch was formed, he was transferred there as a Captain. He ran his operations capably, and in the aftermath of the Fall of the Miami Triangle he was made General of the newly-formed Central American branch, operating with a legal cover of being a PMC.


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  • Strong
  • Somewhat sadistic; idolizes Muneca.