Francis Acord



The Duke

Years Active





Thievery, robbery, and infiltration


United Crime Corps. (Formerly);

Crimson Diamond Syndicate

First Appearance

Season 6

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Wealth is a slippery thing. Fortunately for me and less fortunate for others, I have a very firm grip compared to others.
— Francis Acord

A French chef-turned-thief immigrated to the United States, Francis Acord is a current member of the Crimson Diamond Syndicate. Born in 1998 in Lyon, Acord spent most of his teenaged years relying on his wits and his speed. As an orphan, Acord found himself hateful of the nuns that attempted to raise him for their strict ways and fled in 2008. Living off of stolen goods and evading the law that attempted to hunt him down, Francis made the mistake of accidently stealing from Jean Bellamy, the commander of the French branch of the United Crime Corps. in 2010.

Surprised at the skill of such a young child, Jean decided to take Francis under his wing. The boy thief quickly proved to be a valuable aid, using his nimble parkour skills to stealthily rob rival groups blind. However, Francis found the lifestyle of a member of organized crime unfit for him. So, in 2016, Francis left the Corps. Using the money he had stolen from the Corps., Francis quickly tried his hand in culinary school. 

An adept cook, Francis found success and opened up his own restaurant in Versailles, 2026. He managed to remain under the radar of the Corps. for ten years, but in 2027 they found Francis. Forced to flee his native country and his beloved business, Francis found passage to the United States. 

Left without a job and no money, Francis took up robbery again. He swiftly caught the attention of the growing Crimson Diamond Syndicate, who offered him protection in exchange for his services. Though organized crime was not his preferred choice, Francis took up the offer with so fwe options. 

Personality Edit

Cocky as fuck, dislikes murder. Fleshed out later.

Equipment Edit

  • Throwing Knives
    • Four; Two kept in sleeve sheathes and two kept in the open on hip sheathes. 
    • Each is 8 inches long, and weighted properly. 
    • Pinpoint accuracy for up to 10 yards. 
  • KA-BAR knife
    • Standard KA-BAR combat knife
  • Sig Sauer P226
    • When firearms are required, Francis prefers a standard Sig Saur P226 handgun equipped with a silencer. 

Trivia Edit

  • He is almost always seen wearing his trademark black fedora. He stole it from a French mobster in his first heist with the Corps. 
  • He is billingual, speaking French and English. 
  • He has a small bounty set up by the European branch of UCC.