Fall Of Cicada



Western United States, New York, Europe


The Alliance Decisive Victory


The Opposition

The Alliance



  • Cicada and Grimm Riders are anihilated
  • Remnants of Cicada exist
  • Reaming Grimm Riders pledge loyalty to The Suns Of Vulcan
  • Europe falls underneath UCC influence
  • Western United States fall under Vulcan control
  • Lloyd drinks the tears of those trolled
  • Suns Of Vulcan become major power
  • Death Of Muenca

Empires won by conquest have always fallen either by revolt within or by defeat by a rival.
— John Boyd Orr

The Fall Of Cicada (also known as The Great Civil War and Hornet's Nest) was an international event that led to the collapse of several organizations and the rise of others. Being the largest scale war since The New York Alliance Civil War, the events that took place would lead to much destruction, deaths on both sides and ultimately the collapse of the one of the largest groups within organized crime. This war involved two major factions seeking to come out on top, The Alliance composed of major members such as, United Crime Corps., Suns of Vulcan Motorcycle Club and Omnia Venena. The Opposition composing of Cicada and Grimm Riders MC. The war should last for several months before ending with an Alliance victory.

Opening ShotsEdit

June 27th, 2015

Location: Docks In California

The events that have transpired during this time seem to be an ordinary gang battle to the average desk jockey at the precinct, but becomes one of great significance upon examining the groups. Of course, this comes down to one fact, this was no ordinary attack, it was a message. Before police arrived upon the scene, I managed to track and steal the security tapes. From what I've seen, I can conclude this fact, the Vulcans are moving further North and have ran into The Grimm Riders.

Around 11:55 PM is when the real events that transpired that night begin to unfold, the Grimm Riders are guarding the dock adn from the looks of it, a small shipment of rather questionable materials is under their protection. After the shipment gets loaded onto the nearby trucks, one of the Riders collapses. The two men in the truck went out to investigate before a series of vehicles arrive. After a brief moment, a hail of rounds is unleashed upon the two Riders. The rest of the battle continues with a firefight, with Vulcans emerging victorious in the duel.