Elliot Kinsley

Omega (formerly), Private (formerly)



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Theft, Money Laundering, Murder, Hijacking, Assault, Pimping, Smuggling


Cicada (defunct), The Wolves (formerly)

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New York Alliance Civil War

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You sick fucks are gonna burn me alive?
Miles "Krampus" Woods to Elliot moments before his death
If you want.
— Elliot Kinsley

Elliot Kinsley is a supporting character. A young aspiring hoodlum in the crime world, Elliot allied himself with The Wolves and later Cicada simply for the thrill of pulling off a successful crime and the money involved. After the Fall of Cicada, his whereabouts are currently unknown.


Early LifeEdit

Elliot's past is largely unknown except that he was born in London, England and turned to petty crime at a young age, whether it be robbing liquor stores or assaulting other youths, or manipulating other children to do his dirty work for him.

The WolvesEdit

In his late teens, Elliot had several run-ins with The Wolves' branch in London, eventually opting to join the gang for a sense of organization and union among fellow criminals. Although he did not believe in the gang's cult-like beliefs, he respected the group for being more fierce and intimidating than other gangs in the area, opting to move to the Wolves' headquarters in New York to work more closely with them.

New York Alliance Civil WarEdit

Elliot continued to work as an Omega for the Wolves in New York, operating prostitution and smuggling rings, as well as thievery of jewels and other valuables. However, Kinsley's loyalty to the gang shrunk at the dawn of the New York Alliance Civil War, seeing poor leadership as the reason for the group's high causalities and losses. Near the end of the war, Kinsley opted out of the Wolves in favor of joining the seemingly winning side, Cicada.

The California WarEdit

Becoming a Private in Cicada, Elliot moved to California and worked with Harry Evans and the Grimm Riders MC during The California War, launching attacks on The Titans. At the end of the war, Elliot and Cicada soldiers confronted a fleeing Miles "Krampus" Woods on his houseboat, tying his leg to a cinder block and setting the boat on fire, giving him the choice to burn or drown to death.

Fall of CicadaEdit


Personality and TraitsEdit