My father Vito, he loved pizza he even had his own recipie, and he shared it with me and i want to share the delicious pizza my pop loved with you all.
— Toni Leone at the grand opening of Don Vito's pizzaria
Don Vito's Pizzaria
Don Vitos pizzaria
Don Vito's Pizzeria


Toni Leone

Years Active



New York


25 - 30 (Some are Seasonal)

Gross Profit

$1 million (2010)


We're gonna make you a meal you can't refuse!

Don Vito's Pizzaria is a chain of 6 restaurant and sports bars with a location in each burogh of New York (The Bronx, Quenns, Brooklyn, Manhattan, New Jersey and Staten Island)

History Edit

When Don Vito died of cancer his son Toni bought a bankrupted pizzareia on Statten Island and turned it in to the profitable 5 restaurants across New York city. After a year of good buissines Toni added a sports bar to the pizzerias claiming he got the idea while traveling trough Canada.

Mafia links Edit

Members of The Leone Family tend to hang out at the sports bar, and do business at Vito's it has been used as a murder houses where the body is later dumped in a nearby body dump, with a pair of cement boots or in pieces. Don Vito's is also home to several shady business deals in the Private booths and the Backroom.


Vito's pizzaria serves a wide varsity of food like: Chicken Wings, Pasta, fish and chips, Panzerotti, Italian deserts and of course pizza all made by hand by Italian chefs.

Trivia Edit

  • Toni paied to use Vito Colrleone's image in the logo
  • All menu items are also available in gluten free
  • Toni had originally ordered that no ileagal buissines would take place there
    • But soon allowed it as long as it is discrete
  • Pepole say it has a feel similar to Boston Pizza or BP