Derk Laemmel



The Demon's Horns

Die Dämonenhörner

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Arms Dealing, Human Trafficking, Drug Dealing, Kidnapping, Murder, Contract Killing, Smuggling



I will hurt you, and I will not be sorry for it. Just know, that the Devil sends his regards.
— Derk

Derk Laemmel, also by his nicknames Die Dämonenhörner or The Demon's Horns, is a Cicada Captain, in charge of the European Branch and overseer of the Weapons Branch.


Laemmel was born in Berlin in the middle of the Cold War, growing up mainly in his Aunt and Uncle's house after his mother died giving birth to him, and his father being occupied as a German soldier during the war.

Derk got into trouble with the law during his teenage years, attacking other kids, shoplifting, affiliating with a street gang, and dealing drugs. This caused him to be suspended from school several times and eventually expelled from High School during his second year there. As a result, he took to liquor store robberies with his fellow gang members for cash. His trouble with the law caused him to be jailed for a month after an attempted robbery, and was sent to a boot camp by his Aunt and Uncle to straighten him out as a result.

This caused Laemmel to grow an interest in military and firearms like his father, leading him to join the German Army soon afterwards. Derk spent ten years in the army, becoming apart of the Special Forces Command. Derk used his power and influence to secretly sell arms to criminals, until he was caught and discharged after officials noticing weaponry missing.

Laemmel eventually joined Asgaard, a private military contracting group. Doing oddjobs that allowed him to put his skills to use. Asgaard was contracted by the organization Cicada several times, using them for attacks on rivals. Derk again started to secretly deal weaponry, often to Cicada.

Cicada grew trustful of Laemmel overtime, and eventually allowed him to join the organization, quickly earning the respect of Mastermind for his skills and methods.

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