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2007 misc.

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Murder, interrogation, and torture


Appalachian Vipers

Where the hell am I, you goddamn punk?
— Damien DeLuca

Damien DeLuca is the logistical managar of the Appalachian Vipers and main boss in Tennesse, Kentucky, and Ohio region. After siding with Salasco during the Viper Civil War, DeLuca was assassinated by Valkyrie.

History Edit

Damie DeLuca is a hardcore criminal from the rural areas of West Virginia, and a cruel sociopath. DeLuca has been charged with various crimes, from armed robbery, assault, battery, and rape. Eventually, Damien joined the Marines to escape bail time for a charge of rape, serving four years in Iraq and Kuwait. Constantly needing to be bailed out by his lawyer friend Robert Palmer afterwords, Damien was a major supporter of the founding of the Appalachian Vipers. Preferring to return out westward, Damien is now a deadly combination of twisted intelligence, brutal approach, and skilled training. 


Damien is an incredibly twisted sociopath. He truly loves the thrill of murder, and often performs assassinations of the Vipers' enemies himself. Damien, however, is a dedicated patriot and a firm believer in the rights of citizens. He is also a skilled businessmen, and while nowhere near the other Inner Circle members in the regard, Damien can make deals and propose offers. 

Despite being a high-ranking member of the Vipers, DeLuca is also one of the organization's most effective enforcers. His natural skill at torture, interrogation, and his complete lack oof empathy allows him to scare most people with ease. DeLuca is often sent by Greer as an enforcer when he needs to send a message to rivals.

Interactions with other gangsEdit

  • 3/23/2014: DeLuca captures and tortures a representative of The Circus after he offers the Vipers an alliance in the war. He video tapes the torture session to Ace of Spades before executing the thug and throwing the carcass into a furnace.
  • 5/26/2014-6/7/2014: See involvement in the New York Alliance Civil War

Trivia Edit

  • Damien owns a large collection of knives, most from the Middle East. 
  • Damien has been diagnosed with anti-social personality disorder. 
  • Damien, quite ironically, owns a small black poodle named after his grandmother, Rose. 
  • Damien's weapon of choice is his AA-12 shotgun and several knives. 
  • Damien is distantly related to Leone Crime Family capo Paulie DeLuca
  • Damien's preferred instrument of torture is the crowbar, which he uses to pry open wounds he has made with his knives.