Christopher Salasco
Christpoher Salasco

None; Deceased



Years Active





Arms Trafficking, Drug Trafficking


The Desert Vipers


The rules are different to people like me. You don't get to do this, or do that, but me? I can have whatever I want, whenever I want, from whoever I want.
— Christopher Salasco

Christopher Salasco is a main character and the leader of The Desert Vipers, formerly Appalachian Vipers. Christopher, along with his friend and colleague Jedidiah Greer, helped lead the Vipers for many years. In 2015, he led his Vipers into civil war against former lieutenant, Nikolai Orelov. After a month of warfare, Salasco ultimately lost and paid with his life.


Christopher Salasco is an Italian-American business dealer and is alleged to be the leader of the Appalachian Vipers, but no proof has been shown. Born in Clarksburg, West Virginia, Salasco began his criminal career when he accidently was caught stealing 20 dollars from the soda machine in his school. As his life progressed, Salasco found himself living a mediocre life without further criminal charges aside from a few parking violations. However, when he was left in debt after severe gambling, Salasco proposed the idea of robbing the new Washington Bank in PIttsburgh with his best friend and brother-in-law, Jedidiah Greer. With the heist successful and repelling the attack of several 1.1K Triad gangsters, Salasco quickly assumed leadership of the new rising of several criminals that pledged allegiance to the group. Begging for assistance, Salasco agreed to be the publlic leader of the Vipers in exchange for giving the resposibility of leadership to Jedidiah Greer, a reluctant member in the first place. Around this time, Salasco also started the Salasco Foundation, a sports goods manufacturing company. 


Salasco is a sharp contrast to his best friend and brother-in-law, Jedidiah Greer. While the latter wishes to serve a calm, collected life after a devastating experience in Iraq, Salasco is a danger-seeking womanizer that is willing to risk life-and-limb for the thrill of it. 

Salasco is a skilled business dealer, but not on par with Greer. But despite this, he is far more charistmatic and collected as a leader of the Vipers. Despite this, he's also incredibly brutal when needed to be. Salasco is also a skilled field tactician, capable of leading assault on rival gangs in person and leaving without a scratch.