Triad is a term to describe many Chinese organized crime groups based in China, Vietnam, and Taiwan. However, they heavily operate on a international scale, in countries such as, the United States, the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and several other countries. Like the Japanese Yakuza they have extremely large memberships, generally in the thousands. Combine all the Triads world wide and they have a estimate of 2.5 million members. A single Triad will have in between 200-60,000 members. Only the strongest will have over 50,000. All the Triads combined make several hundred billion a year. A single Triad may make 500 million-10 billion a year. Stronger ones may make even more. Like the Italian Mafia, and Japanese Yakuza, Triads have a initiation ceremony, and is just as much a society and culture as it is a business. Triads are generally refered to as a "underground society". Each city a Triad operates in is a faction of a Triad. Each faction contains members of that Triad and will have its own name. Today they remain the most powerful criminal organizations in China, and maintain a strong presence world wide. Triads are one of the world's largest criminal organizations, encompassing other criminal organizations with a steady membership of 2.5 million members.


  • Dragon or Mountain Master/Dragon or Mountain Head: Boss of the Triad.
  • Deputy Mountain Master: The Mountain Masters proxy.
  • Incense Master: Handles new members and initiations into the Traid.
  • Vanguard: Serves as the Triad's head when they go to war.
  • Straw Sandal- Liaison Officer.
  • Red Pole: Enforcer
  • White Paper Fan: Deals with financial and business advice.
  • 49ers: regular members who do foot work and carry out the crimes.
  • Blue Lanterns: hired people who are not full members but work for the Triad.