• Cfp3157

    "It's been done."

    "Are you positive it's her?"

    "Patton will need to run some DNA tests, but it's likely she's the right one."

    "Excellent. Your reward shall be transferred to your accounts by tomorrow afternoon. Good-bye, old friend."

    Nikolai hung up on Alejandro, and leaned back from his desk. He knew that Marshall was likely in the same position as him across the Atlantic in London- notified of the demise of the so-called "Master of Murder" by his man, and awaiting the word.

    As far as he was concerned, the peacetimes were over. These Suns of Vulcan have grown far too strong for him to sit comfortably, and they needed to be eliminated. Lucky for the Soviet, Marshall thought likewise.

    Some time ago...

    A ring to shatter the silence. Nikolai's eyes …

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  • MrPacheco101

    The Spy laid sprawled on the floor. His hands and feet were bound and tied while his half naked body was painted in red lashes and purple abrasions across his pale skin. He could feel his left eye swollen shut. The room was completely dark except for the glimmering bulb hanging above the abused body. Alone with his thoughts swimming through his battered cranium The Spy began to ponder…

    The job was simple: Infiltrate, Gather, and Report. It wasn’t hard for The Spy to do the former, it was like riding a bike, but the other two were a bit more complicated. Nonetheless, everything went smoothly. A little too smoothly. The Spy’s thoughts were cut abruptly from the sounds of footsteps echoing in the distance. He could feel his ear drums panging as…

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  • Lasifer

    "It's kind of funny..." Two men sit across from one another in a dark, bleak room. Little light shines in from a small window. The men holding cards in front of their faces. One man attempts to converse with the other as he lays down a 3 of Spades on the cold steel table in front of the two.

    "What is?" The other man replies, revealing a 9 of Spades on the table.

    "Seeing you in here, of all people. Out there you were on top of the fuckin' world, but one, just one dumb mistake and you end up in here with me of all people. You, you're on my level in here, pal-o." 6 of Spades on the table.

    "That's simply not true." 8 of Diamonds.

    "Is it? Is it not true? Seems pretty damn true to me. We're both in orange jumpsuits here, sharing the same stupid sche…

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  • WanderingSkull

    I'm here to announce that on Monday, December 8th, that we'll be having an important meeting concerning OCF and its structure. If you wish to attend this meeting then we'll be discussing the topic around the time of 9PM EST. This meeting is very important, so it is recommended that you attend so you aren't confused as to what changes are to occur. 

    WanderingSkull 04:54, December 8, 2014 (UTC)

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  • Cfp3157

    Christopher Salasco:

    This is an announcement to all of those that would wish to hire our services. The gist; We're going underground. Before you ask, a majority of our leaders are pretty much gone as is. 

    OOC: For the most part, my entire gang will be out of contact. However, Alejandro is back in business as an anonymous hitman, enforcer, and bodyguard. Post your contracts on this blog. 

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  • BeastMan14

    10/26/14 6:45 PM

    Jack O'Leary sat on his couch, watching a rerun of Adventure Time with his son Luke. His wife, Melanie, was making dinner in the other room. Suddenly, his phone rang. Stopping to ruffle Luke's hair, he stepped outside to answer it. "Hello?" "The Thieves are finished, Jack." Adreana replied. "Good. I'll let Greaves hear the news. Now, we can move ahead with the next step of things. Now that we're 270 men strong, I think it's time for a little war." Adreana sounded surprised,"With whom?" Jack grinned,"The Pythons. I think Alpha is gonna be happy to hear this one. As for you, Théo, and Phillip, you can begin making strikes. I'll get Dovev on the line soon. Have some fun." He hung up and went back inside. Fortunately, he didn't…

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  • Lasifer

    In the world of organized crime...

    • As shock from The California War dies down, another war arises in western America, the spontaneous Vipers - Princess Thieves War has resulted in heavy losses on both sides, over a hundred casualties and thousands of dollars lost. Attacks done in broad daylight have frightened citizens and led police to begin investigating the war with full force.
    • After a mysterious large scale attack done on the Las Vegas casino "The Alpha", the casino has been temporarily shut down for investigation.
    • Police have been tipped off about the Vipers, resulting in the Nevada - California border having an increase in security and borderchecks, as well as the arrest and prosecution of 10 Vipers. Police have not ignored the acts of…
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  • Leolab

    Reopening of Services

    October 14, 2014 by Leolab

    OOC: The Caribbean Heist RP Hasn't ended yet, but in wiki time it's over already.

    OV's back out in the open, and ready for hire! All our services can bee seen in the tabbers below:

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  • Cfp3157

    10/13/2014, 1:00 AM 

    "Life's full of tricky snakes and ladders." 

    This was what Maxis Rockford said to the female owner of The Diamond in the Rough, a Princess Thieves-owned casino in the middle of Nevada. His armed goons stood beside him, each holding the madam's subordinates by the hair. 

    "Please...take whatever money you want. Just let my girls and I live!" The woman begged, tears flowing from her eyes. Her hands were tied together as she sat in the rough, splintered chair Maxis held her in.

    The Brit ignored her, casually adjusting the tie on his suit. 

    "Y'know who said that, lass? Morrissey. Famous British songwriter. The bloody genius was practically the pioneer of independent music in Western society." Maxis continued, pacing back and for…

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  • Sport Shouting

    Cleaning House

    October 1, 2014 by Sport Shouting

    After a short time in the shadows, the 73rd Precinct is ready to establish dominance in the LA Area. Their first move is to take out an oddball type of criminal organization...

    Dario Malespin sends an encrypted message across the criminal underworld. A shadowy face with a voice coded to sound like Arnold Schwarzenneger begins speaking

    "You don't know us very well yet. We want to purge the criminal underworld. We're the real cops. 

    As you all know, the Pacific Ocean is right by our area! Some idiot named Edward Mason thinks something that worked and was famous 500 f*cking years ago is going to work here. Piracy? That damn argh and poop deck shit ain't gonna fly! The beginning of "the purge" will be to take out the Black Sun Pirates in LA. Piracy…

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  • Leolab

    El Sangre del Caribe

    October 1, 2014 by Leolab
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  • Leolab

    Carribbean Heist

    September 13, 2014 by Leolab

    'Ello all, Lloyd here. OV's been underground lately, but we're still scouting out new opportunities for ourselves and our partners in crime. We've got a nice little heist planned out, but doing it entirely by ourselves would simply attract too much attention. So we're going to ask you guys to pitch in, for a reasonable cut of the cash.

    I'm forwarding the report Yrian has developed for this. The operation will be run under his command.

    OOC Note: When I have Vault capitalized, it's referring to the entire Vault complex. When vault is not capitalized, it's referring to the individual storage units with the Vault.

    What we are going to hit is a rather unique bank. Said bank converts all the money in their system into gold, so as to keep their inve…

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  • J80Kar

    War for Orlando

    September 4, 2014 by J80Kar

    September 3, 2014

    10:47 pm, near a suburban area...

    Daigo was smoking a cigarette in the passenger side, while Idga was driving the car. "You know you shouldn't smoke Daigo," said Idga.

    "And let me guess, you're going to say that it's bad for my health right?" Idga smiles and chuckles a bit.

    "Nope, just saying that I hate your bad breath after you're done smoking a pack or two." Idga tosses him a case of breath mints.

    "Hahaha f*** you!" replied Daigo.

    "I accept the compliment," said Idga still laughing.

    The other two Shateis in the back joined in on the laughter. "So are we ever going to go to eat at the restaurant that Goto-san talked about?" asked Daigo.

    "If our schedule clears up yeah...but as of right now no," said Idga. Idga makes a left turn…

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  • Tomahawk23
    • An intense war has brewed out in L.A. Once again the organization Cicada has taken heavy part in it, getting involved in several shootouts and robberies against the Titans. Over 70 people have been killed. The Titans have lost all of their finances and collapsed after all of their leaders were killed. Authorities have promised to bring Cicada to justice and have launched a major investigation on them.  3 arrests were made last week, all low level soldiers.  One of them ratted and a  6 more low level soldiers have been arrested, along with a three higher ranking men.
    • 29 gigantic explosions have gone off all across the US. All explosions came from Mesa jeeps armed with flamethrowers belonging to the Circus. Around 600 members of the Circus ha…
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  • Tomahawk23

    Heist at Sea

    September 1, 2014 by Tomahawk23

    July 29th, 2014

    "So what's this all about, Dalton? You might as well tell me now" said Christopher Salasco, the leader of the Desert Vipers.  Jack Dalton had invited Mr. Salasco to a meeting, promising that it would put him out out of his financial crisis.  But he also invited the mysterious Takeshi Heiwajima, the leader of the powerful Yakuza syndicate named after himself.

    "I'll tell you when he gets here".

    The door opened, and the boss of the Heiwajima syndicate came in with two bodyguards.

    "Make this quick, I'm here on business and I don't have much time for this meeting".

    "This is much more important than your business, trust me".

    Takeshi looked intriuged.  "I'm listening....."

    "We're going to rob the entire Pacific Fleet of the Black Sun Pir…

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  • Cfp3157

    August 18th, 2014. 3:30 PM

    An expensive hotel room in San Diego

    Christopher Salasco looked nervously at his watch, whilst wiping a bead of sweat. It'd been two months since Greer left, and the bastard had left him a crumbling empire. An attack from multiple fronts, and it was only a matter of time before he'd be left with nothing.

    With his businesses in the south of his empire being overshadowed by those such as that damned Bratva, he knew he couldn't go farther south. In the north, however, it was far worse. He knew he couldn't rely on the Omnia Venena or the Corps. to support him, he didn't trust them enough. Not like he could pay for their services anyway.

    But however, tonight, perhaps this could change. The majority of his manpower had bee…

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  • Lasifer

    Close Enough

    August 17, 2014 by Lasifer

    A man, fedora, glasses, and brown trench coat donned rushed into his hotel room, slamming the door behind him and tossing his cap and coat on a sofa, quickly going for the phone and dialing a number- an important one.

    "We need to talk."

    The man's colleague stepped into the room hours later, the caller sitting down smoking, his colleague standing by the door and taking off his sunglasses. The curtains were closed and only the sunset dimly lighting the room through cracks in between them.

    "Good, you're here. Cigarette?" The man blow out another puff of smoke into the room, tapping his cigarette onto an ash tray next to a glass of water.

    "No thanks." The colleague took light steps towards the smoking man.

    "Beverage, then?"

    "No." The man loomed clos…

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  • Sport Shouting

    Yeah, I'm back (again). I made a new gang, the Sudan United Militia and here is their newest criminal activity. 

    Dekker Industries is a Finnish shipping company. Our sources tell us a large shipment of pearls, steel and weapons (including the INSAS Rifle and the AGS-17 grenade launcher) will be leaving India along the Gulf of Khambhat and we plan to steal the goods. 

    Some of our members are ex-Somali Pirates, so they will be leading the hijacking. South African helicopter pilot Darryn Leffarg has been paid $45000 to provide air support. We will have 5 skiffs of men with RPG's, KSVK sniper rifles and the twin-barreled Nikonov Machine Gun.

    The skiffs are approaching the ship. The crew of Dekker Industries sees the weaponry with their binoculars…

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  • WanderingSkull

    In the world of organized crime...

    • The New York Alliance Civil War has shook the world of crime, has lead to heavy casualties on all sides of the war. The war started after Mojave Pythons launched a small-attack on Alpha Wolf and his gang. The Appalachian Vipers took responsibility for the attack, leading to a full-scale civil war within the New York Alliance, between the Wolves & their allies fighting against the Vipers & their allies. 
    • Unbeknownst to both sides, they were playing a much bigger game that had been organized in secrets. Cicada & United Crime Corps. had been preparing an operation to severely cripple both parties and end the war. Mastermind had hired the Mojave Pythons to ignite a war, and hired previous New York Alliance memb…
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  • Care4ameatball

    can someone get them back

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  • Leolab

    The essence of this is, OV's going underground and all services are suspended, with the exception of small contracts for Asian, European, and South American branches. The rest here is some flavor text used to develop my Generals a bit more.

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  • SleepingWithTheFishes

    Hey everybody,

    I know I've been absent for a good week-and-a-half; I just wanted to wrap up things at school / hell / douchebag central.

    Looking at the wiki activity, I see that I have missed most of a war; the execution of Order 66(6); and the other shenanigans that always occur on this wiki. Trust me though, now that it's summertime, I plan on making my criminal organization a big player in this warzone.

    See ya around... SleepingWithTheFishes

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  • BattleGames1


    "Mistress, we got a new email coming in. Cicada is calling us!" 'Pacman' burst into the office.

    Without missing a beat, 'Ogre' opened up her email account and saw the message.

    It’s time. Fulfill our contract. – Mastermind

    "Thanks, 'Pacman'. That will be all." 'Ogre' dismissed 'Pacman' from the room. Once the room fell silent, 'Ogre' got out her magnum pistol. Today was going to be a nice and relaxing day for her. All that animal business between the Vipers and the Wolves was about to end - hopefully by her hand. It was a shame the cult had to end, especially with a man such as Alpha Wolf leading such a bunch of mindless men. Now was the time to drop the courtesy.

    Opening a secure phone line from her computer using Google Voice, 'Ogre' co…

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  • Leolab

    Order 66

    May 30, 2014 by Leolab


    1:00 AM

    Lloyd Kumar opened the encrypted e-mail.

    It’s time. Fulfill our contract. – Mastermind

    Lloyd smiled. This part would be enjoyable. Those fucking cultists and those goddamn hillbilly vipers were about to get a nasty shock. Lloyd opened his secure computer and dialed in Francis Smith, Gerald Ritter, and Patton Trask on a Skype conference call. Everyone entered and exchanged pleasantries. With that finished, everyone fell silent, waiting for Lloyd to tell them what was going on. He holds up a recorder and presses play.

    “You called it that just so that you could make that reference, didn’t you?” Patton asks.

    “Naturally,” Lloyd says.

    “You know, you’re far too nerdy to be a crime lord,” Gerald says, “but I guess that’s part of why you’re g…

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  • Cfp3157

    IC: Anonymous broadcaster

    You have warped the minds of man. You have wounded our leader. You have killed our men. Enough. Is. Enough! This ends now! The era of the Wolves is over, for their brazen audacity shall fall to the toxic bite of the Vipers!

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  • Ethank14

    Serena: Gentlemen, with the increased tensions between gangs recently growing we've decided to open up gambling dens in the US and Asia to serve as Neutral locations for meetings between crime lords and back alley deals. Now we've already found locations and bribed the officals needed in order to make these dens as safe as possible for people and there business. Of course we'll have the expected services available as well, Prostitutes and plenty of different types of gambling for your pleasure, all we ask is some measure of decorm and some fair warning for any double crossings that you plan to pull.

    Las Vegas

    Los Angeles




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  • Tomahawk23

    The Mojave Pythons are a small criminal enterprise offering several valuable goods and services. Here are the following:

    This is our main service. We use a shipping company as a front for our operations and can ship contraband internationally using crates. We have modified these crates to bypass scanners. We can ship almost anything, however the price depends on what you are giving us, where you want it, and how much of it you are giving.

    Another thing we do is distribution. If you give us drugs, guns, or other such products we can distribute it for you locally. We only do this in Wesern US, however. By hiring us to do this you will not have to send a single man down to run your operations, unless of course you feel the need to send somebody…

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  • Lasifer

    In the world of organized crime...

    • A war had escalated between the Golden Stars Yakuza and Leone Crime Family, with the former hiring Cicada and Omnia Venena to hit Leone territory in an effort to get them out of Asian and Nevadan territories. While the Leones retreated from Asia, they incited a riot and burnt down Cicada and Stars property, resulting in the deaths of many and the crime family being dubbed terrorists. The war ended in a bloody shootout at the mansion of Toni Leone, who was found bloodied and dead in his pool. An autopsy shows that Leone was choked by barbed wire before falling in his pool and drowning. Many Leone family members have been arrested, killed, or gone into hiding. The loss of the 112-year old mafia has struck th…
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  • Tomahawk23

    OOC: The Mojave Pythons were hired to do a job by an anonymous client.

    OOC Ends here

    At the Alpha Wolf's fairly large house, a FedEx truck pulled up.  One man carrying a large package knocked on the door.

    One of Alpha's bodyguard answered the door, wearing his wolf mask.

    Good god how self-incriminating are these guys Shepard Monroe (Robert de Niro pic) thought to himself.

    "Large package" the man next to him said with a typical smile on his face.

    The Wolf member thought it was kind of odd that they didn't seem to have any reaction to his wolf mask.

    "Sign here please" the man said, still with a smile on his face.

    He handed him the pad and pen.  As he signed "Oh by the way, how's Alpha doing?" the Wolf dropped the pad to notice a gun at his head.


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  • Leolab

    If I got anyone's character wrong, let me know in the comments. If you have suggestions for divergence points, please leave them below, as well.

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  • Lasifer

    The Mastermind stepped into the stuffy room with his bodyguards, ajusting his tie and glasses as he locked eyes with his rival - the one known only as "Hector". Even under his colorful Mexican mask, the man showed expression with his eyes. Expressions of, for lack of a better word, happiness, as if he was glad to have this meeting with his long term enemy, the Mastermind.

    Ayawamat, the Mastermind's most trusted guard, followed his boss in the room, staring at Hector and his own lot of guards. Ayawamat was a tall, burley, and quiet man, but he protected the Cicada boss well.

    "Pull up a chair, bugman." Hector remarked. "Enjoy yourself." The Mastermind sat down in a fancy, comfortable cushioned chair, and readjusted himself, staring eye to eye …

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  • Coool31

    Ooc: here I will write the fates of the various leones as the family implodes some will die some will go legit some go to the cops and go in to witness protection others will join my new gang, However the lives of those who were leones will forever be impacted by the fall of the golden family.

    Toni Leone: Killed by Hit squad and brought a large number with him

    Nick Leone: Nick Leone got away from all the carnage and is living in the undisclosed location with his adopted children.

    John Leone: was arrested in for several of the murders he committed is currently serving 75 years in a super max prison. John will never see his son Warren again he has been turned over to his family and is in Toni's care. John has been told Toni and Nick are both de…

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  • Swg66


    May 11, 2014 by Swg66

    Declan and Omni Key along with about 30 other Los Sicarios members are waiting for the the Bratva members to arrive. Then they heard a knocking in the warehouse door, a low ring echoing throughout the building.

    Declan looks at Omni, and motions for him to go to the door. Omni get's up with his gun in his hand and walks to the door. Sliding a metal slot open to look out to see who had arrived.

    Peering out he see's William Lagounov infront of a Bratva truck. William speaks up "Hey open up, we've got important news." Omni looks back at Declan who nods. Omni waves oven several other men who pull open the larger sliding doors allowing William and a convoy of three trucks pull in with a number of Russians walking in next to them.

    "Damn, what's the…

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  • Ethank14

    IC Japan 5/10/2014 Serena: *reading over an email* Dear god, what kind of sick bastards would do that. *

    the phone rings caller ID showing Fukito's number*

    Serena: I'm assuming you got the e-mail?

    Fukito: Yes, and as tragic as it is this is the perfect opportunity to execute a push on the Leones out of some of the shared territories.

    Serena pauses for a moment weighing the possibility in her head

    Serena: Tony's family just fucking died and you want to strain him even more do you have any idea what he could do.

    Fukito: to be fair the boys still alive just comatose S erena: That's not helpful.

    Fukito: This whole thing has a lot of people pissed off, with the animosity built this is the perfect time to use that to get help cheap and get them farth…

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  • Coool31

    This is all OOC knowledge

    Toni began to write in his elegant looking script:

    This is stupid i hate writing, but if Jess thinks it will help: I cant believe there dead and Sonny is in the hospital the doctors are doing there best to restore some quality of life to him (that will cost a small fortune). I tried not to cry... but when the caskets went down i could not help it but cry. That was my entire existence was right there in those pine boxes: the Love of my life, the apple of my eye and the boy of pure joy. I told John and Nick to takeover while i take a few what nick likes to call "Mental Health" days.

    -Toni Leone

    Today i felt worse then yesterday, I walked in to Bella's room she had family pictures on the wall... I picked up one from a fe…

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  • Leolab

    Named Character Deaths

    April 30, 2014 by Leolab

    All the following is OOC:

    So this blog is simply to provide a way to give people blanket permission to kill off certain named characters in your organization; maybe you want to free up a slot for someone new, or you just don't like how their character turned out. Either way, this is someone who you don't mind being killed in a war, APR, or something similar. You may put a bounty on their head IC if you like, but this isn't solely for that.

    Any conditions for their death should also be specified; we don't want someone going out in a way that doesn't make sense for their character. In the same vein, if you wish to provide further information on said character it could be helpful for those trying to kill them off.

    Conditions for all members: Dea…

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  • Tomahawk23

    In the world of organized crime......

    • The wife and children of Mob Boss Toni Leone have mysteriously disappeared. Toni Leone is desperately searching to find them, and intends on doing horrible things to whoever kidnapped them. More to follow up when new information comes to light.
    • Caprione Crime Family Mob Boss, Gerado "Ruby" Allessandra has been arrested on several RICO charges. Federal Prosecutors are attempting to compile a large sum evidence to put him behind bars for good. With the political ties and finances possessed by the Capriones they could save him from jail and get him a 10 year sentence, with a chance of parole. More to come.
    • The California based criminal organization, The Titans are facing the possibility of war as the very la…
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  • Tomahawk23

    Hey guys, excellent news: We are now preparing to take the next big step in advancement of the wiki.  We are going to present OCF to wikia and ask them to advertise us in order to gain more users.  If we're going to get more users, we're going to need more admins.  Nominate two users (not including yourself) to be admin, and 1 for chat mod.

    • Good understanding of role-playing, particularly here on OCF.
    • No bans, has good history of behavior on OCF.

    • No previous bans, good history of behavior.
    • Is on chat regularly.

    • Cannot vote for oneself.
    • To prevent sock puppets, user must have attended the wiki for at least 1 month.
    • No anons allowed.

    There are a ton of terrible and unnecessary categories on this wiki that need to be gotten rid of. Propose the catgor…

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  • Cfp3157

    IC: Christopher Salasco

    Need evidence gone? Need a few witnesses silenced? No matter what the crime or punishment, the Vipers' will make sure that you never end up behind bars or locked in a prison cell. Below are things we can handle, and we will negotiate prices when offered. You will tell us what to do, and we will do what we can to the best of our ability. 

    • Crimes against property:
      • Arson
      • Blackmail 
      • Burglary (robbery, theft, etc. included) and Embezzlement (fraud, etc. included)
      • Extortion
      • False Pretenses
    • Crimes against Person (not including homicidal crimes)
      • Assault & Battery
      • False Imprisonment
      • Sexual Assault
      • Mayhem
    • Crimes against Person (Homicide)
      • Murder
      • Manslaughter
      • Negligent Homicide
      • Vehicular Slaughter
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  • MrPacheco101

    Summer Soft

    April 20, 2014 by MrPacheco101

    OOC: An anonymous employer has hired the infamous assassin Muneca to kill the wife and children of the head of the Leone Syndicate, Toni Leone. After getting the details of the compound, months of preparation and planning, Muneca has successfully kidnapped them and taken them to a secluded area.

    Wake up Mr. Leone. A soft, soothing voice beckoned.

    "Uuunnnngh." Sontaine "Sonny " Leone, oldest son of known Mob boss Toni Leone, slowly opens up his weary eyelids. What...what the fuck happened. He thought. Everything was a blur to him. The last thing Sonny remember was heading out from one of his booty calls' house, taking a sip from a Monster he bought at the store, and then everything went black. "Nnngh." Sonny groaned, tilting his head down. Man …

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  • Ethank14

    Custom swords/metalwork

    April 20, 2014 by Ethank14

    I.C. (Serena) In an effort to supplement our income we are opening up a business forging swords and other weapons and metalwork. Depending on the order it could take weeks or months for delivery. please specify any specific color and designs you want as this will determin the final price of the weapon.

    • Katana
    • Wakizashi
    • Tonto
    • Training/ Kendo swords
    • Kusarigama
    • Shurikun/Kunai
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  • Timp1475

    Phillips Crime Family

    April 18, 2014 by Timp1475

    The Phillips Crime Family is defunct. No longer active due to I can no longer commit time to this wiki. 

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  • MrPacheco101

    To My Future Employers,

    If you think this message is being traced, then have no worries, it is encrypted thanks to my more computer-savy assistant. I go by the name "Muneca", most of you may have heard of this alias through the work I have done for others. As you may know, I have been in this profession for a very long time and I am quite good at what I do, so to make matters short I would like offer my services to those who are interested or to those who need it. I can make those you want gone disappear quietly with no visible trace, or I can make a big show out of it for your adversaries. It's up to you.

    I also offer contracts to be your personal "cleaner" for a certain amount if you choose to do so. I must tell you however, I am fiercly loyal t…

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  • Leolab

    IC: Lloyd Kumar:

    In addition to our offers of assassinating targets, corrupting government, creating addictive weed, and building custom armor and weapons, Omnia Venena is trying out a new market, that of a consulting firm.

    Should you need advice in a war, heist, or any other matter, simply leave a notification here. Prices will be negotiated on a case-by-case business, and will be determined by the anticipated length of the conflict, the anticipated difficulty you may have, how much of an asshole you are, and how good you are at negotiating costs.

    Physical support will cost 5% extra. If you wish to hire us for physical or mental support, you will hire us for the duration of the war/heist/whatever else you will take part in. If it is revealed…

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  • Tomahawk23
    • After several defeats at the hands of various criminal allies, and their biggest blow-a billion dollar transfer several Circus captains, underbosses, and the very high-profile Ace of Spades has been jailed. The members who weren't arrested (still quite a lot of people) are perparing to relocated to Africa with the help of their ally the United Crime Corps. The Ace of Spades escaped from a maximum security penitentiary just yesterday with the help of several old gang members. It is believed that he had fled to Africa to continue to lead the Circus. What kind of chaos will Ace spread in Africa?......
    • After the deaths of a rat, US Law Enforcement has become even more intrigued by the mysterious organization known as Cicada. According to the li…
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  • BattleGames1

    You looking to score some big buckaroos in the next heist but got your hands full? Is there a particular enemy of yours you want dealt with but your men are too busy to do the fighting? Or is there a certain trade you want sabotaged quickly and efficiently?

    Look no further, ladies and gents because The Princess Thieves are here to serve you. And no, it's not THAT kind of serving you sickos!

    We are good at what we do, we train our girls to be the best in the business and what we do is surprising.

    You may have heard about our successful and daring heists in places such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, Star Casino in Sydney and even the BNU Tower in Macau. The Princess Thieves also specialize in smaller heists within banks and shop…

    Read more >
  • Ethank14
    Read more >
  • Geekboy27

    Crashed Party

    April 4, 2014 by Geekboy27

    The music from the house seems to make the ground rumble, due to it's loudness. The Titans have thrown another block party. Miles "Krampus" Woods leaned against the balcony, looking at the scene below. The lights in the building flashed, and the msuic continued to play. The song was some weird Dubstep song. The ones in the party were random people, and gang members. The Titans liked throwing block parties. Suddenly, Mile's phone began to ring. Miles walked to a seperate room, and shut the door, trying to drown out the Dubstep. 

    Miles answered the phone. 


    "Hey, Miles." 

    It was his brother, Solomon. He was the gang leader in Los Angeles

    "Oh. What's up, brother? How are things in LA?"

    "Alright. Still getting problems from some gangs, but …

    Read more >
  • El Alamein

    End of an Era

    March 31, 2014 by El Alamein

    My friends, 

    It is with a heavy heart that I inform you of the passing of Frederico Nuñez. After several health complications, he passed away early yesterday morning. It will be difficult to continue operations without his strong leadership, and so I have been forced to negociate a peaceful disbanding of Los Hombres with the government.

    Think not of this as a betrayal of the group. Think of it as a preservation of the organization at the height of its power. Many gangs rise and fall, but Los Hombres de la Gabardina will forever remain powerful and energetic in the hearts and minds of all who knew Frederico, and of all who knew fear, hope, or greed throughout the ranks of our members.

    It has been a good many years, but I too grow tired. I am loo…

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  • Tomahawk23

    Australian Hit

    March 29, 2014 by Tomahawk23

    The elusive criminal organization Cicada hired their best hitman Lullaby to assassinate Triad leader, Wan Li in Australia.  Li's chapter has been under heavy fire from their Cicada rivals and is currently on the run as he fears for his life while trying to organize his allies and make a counter attack.  Lullaby deems that assassinating him will be a two-man job and has hired Omni Key to be his partner in this hit, 50/50.  The job pays 1 million.  Wan Li is in a safehouse in a desolate area near the Australian desert.

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