Black Street Gangs are Street Gangs made up of African-Americans, and Caribbean-Americans. Most Black Street Gangs trace their origins to Black groups from the 50's, and 60's who would combat police brutality against Blacks, and combat and protect Black neighborhoods from violent racists. Black Street Gangs will generally have over 1 thousand members. Some have 65 thousand members. Membership in the thousands is common with street gangs in general. Though a large majority of members of these street gangs are under 18, which is one of the many reasons they have such high memberships. Black Street Gangs (as well as every kind of street gang) is heavily involved in drug trafficking, and drug dealing. Though they are also involved in Extortion, Murder, and Robbery. Black Street Gangs are spread all over the United States. They are extremely violent, one time some members of the Crips stole a kids jacket they then beat him to death with there feet. There have been several other examples of this with many Black Street Gangs.