Nicasio "Asiong" Rodriguez Salonga was born in October 11,1914. Asiong was considered one of the Philippines' Public Enemy where he reigned and dominated the Manila's then-known mob district, Tondo,for several years. Asiong as a gang leader had solid loyal 12 members of his group, with 4 hideouts in Manila (Tondo, Binondo, Quiapo & Pier). Salonga's name had been linked to several illegal possession of firearms, murder, selling of firearms, homicide, collection of sum of money from businessmen, and other unknown nefarious cases from which somehow he had always managed to squirm out of arrest. Despite this reputation, Salonga was still considered a hero by many local residents, and thus earning him a nickname the "Robin Hood of Tondo". Asiong was recognized by many in Metro Manila due to the frequent appearances of his name in the headlines of the journal news. The only record of Salonga in the Supreme Court was dated March 28, 1946, which was concerned with his arrest without warrant on January 10 of the same year.

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