Arman Orlov
Arman Orlov, Brigadier




August 28, 1975




Orthodox Jewish



Arman Orlov is a Brigadier of the Zolnerowich Bratva, and the youngest of the Brigadiers in the bravta.


Arman, like other members of the bravta, served in the military. However unlike Yuri and Nikolai, who both served with out inncident, Arman was constantly having authority issues, talking back to his superiors and not always following orders. In 1985 Arman was discharged from the army, and with no where else to go, he turned to small time crime to make a living.

When the bravta started forming in 1991, Arman started working with the gang, but orginally only as an associate who did jobs for the gang, a Shestyorka. However his time as a criminal prior to working with the bravta gave him somthing of a head start in thinking like a criminal. Deciding he wanted to be full member of the rising gang, he began to climb the ranks until he reached the highest opened postion of Brigadier. However, his issues with following orders means he was generally parried up with fellow Brigadier, Grisha Mikhilov, to insure he stayed on track.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Arman is the youngest of the bravta's top leadership, as well as the most brash. While he is an affective Brigadier when he wants to be, he generally wants to do things his way and as such, generally has to be supervised by fellow brigadier, Grisha Mikhilov, who generally keeps him on track.

In combat, his true strength shine threw and show how he gained his position, he can take charge in chaotic situations and pull threw. In this respect he is similar to Yuri, but this is where the similaritys end. Arman, becasue him and Yuri hold the same rank of Brigadier, generally likes to see himself as Yuri's equal in the gang. While technically this is true, Yuri is generally regarded as the "primus inter pares" amoung the brigadiers by the rest of the gang, do to his time and the gang and friendship with Nikolai. This has resulted in a sort of Rivalry between Arman and Yuri.