Alpha Wolf

Alpha Wolf


Edward A. Wesker

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Drug Running, Intimidation Rackets, Assassination, Prostitution


The Wolves

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The War for New York

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For every gangbanger that joins up with other gangs, I get a dozen kids who join me for the genuine promise of a better life. While they have to work for it, I assure you, these kids get a better life with the Wolves, as sheep led astray.
— Alpha Wolf

The mysterious leader of the Wolves, Alpha Wolf is a main character and one of the NYPD's most wanted, though his refusal to remove his mask in any outside dealings makes him impossible to truly find. He joined the group in 2006, slowly worked his way into major power, then overthrew and killed the original leaders of the gang. In 2011, he reformed the gang as an army against gangs that tend to use civilians as part of their plans, or just ignore caring about civilian casualties altogether.



Personality and TraitsEdit

Alpha is at times sarcastic and affable, coming off as a polite and generally respectable person. He greatly detests the suffering of civilians, and only allows large scale attacks that could risk civilians lives if it's really necessary. The entire reason the The War for New York was kicked off was because of the Wolves disgust at the Ace of Spades killing off an NYPD officer and sending of a video on every person in New York's cell phone.

In reality, Alpha's jovial attitude is a ruse, and his ideals are a lie, all designed to win people over to his cause. Very few people know this truth, and Alpha does his best to keep things under wraps.


  • White Glock 19: The Alpha Wolf uses a Glock 19, customized to be white, have twice as much ammo as it would normally, and fire at a full auto rate.
  • Bowie Knife: The Alpha Wolf also used a Bowie knife with a black and red hilt for personal up-close executions.
  • Dragon Vest: For his protection, the Alpha Wolf wears a Dragon vest, a form of bullet-proof vest that shrugs off a variety of rounds.