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The Wolves, Jefferson Tala





Look, my job ain't to babysit your ass, or to be your friend. It's to make sure you don't get gunned down.
— Alex Hert

Alex Hert is a former U.S soldier and the current bodyguard of the Alpha Wolf, following Jack Dalton's attack on his mansion.


Alex was born in New York City in 1974, into a military family. Like his father and brothers, Alex joined the U.S Army, and was one of many soldiers sent to fight in Iraq. Alex and his squad was ambushed by enemy insurgents, with Alex as the only survivor. Sent stateside and honorably discharged, Alex became a bodyguard for hire, where he met Senator Jefferson Tala and became his best bodyguard. After Tala retired, the two kept in touch. When Alpha Wolf was attacked and badly injured by Jack Dalton and his gang, Tala hired Alex to keep Alpha safe from any further attacks.


Alex is tough and no-nonsense. He has little patience for bs, and he's quick to speak up if a plan seemd bad. Despite his tough attitude, Alex has a noted soft-spot for children, as he dotes over his sister's children like they're his own, and people who have earned his respect. It's this business-first attitude that has made him a close associate of Jefferson Tala. Alex also shows sign of PTSD from the ambush, but he refuses to be tested, and will angrily refuse to talk about the event if people he doesn't trust ask him about it.

Skills and EquipmentEdit

  • Skiled Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Alex is capable of holding his own against several foes at once, and during the chaotic ambush in Iraq, he beat an enemy insurgent to death with his hands and a rock when they started to swarm him.
  • Smart Tactician: Alex is a bright and gifted tactician in combat, and he often analyzes all possible methods of attack when he's guarding someone.
  • Taurus PT92: Alex's favorite sidearm.
  • Polymer Vest: As one of Alpha's most important men, Alex wears a Polymer vest given to the Wolves by Omnia Venena.