The Albanian Mafia is a series of various Albanian organized crime groups operating in Albania and various other countries, primarily Europan countries. Albanian Mobs are heavily involved in drug trafficking, human trafficking, and bank infiltration. The Israeli gov. has expressed it's concern about Albanian Mafias. Specifically because they have infiltrated the countries banking system. They are closely tied with Italian Mafias in Italy. Cooperation and understanding between these two groups in based on old triditions that both share. Tradition, vengence, honor, and respect are embeded in both Italian and Albanian Mafia groups in which span several hundred years. The typical structure of the Albanian Mafia is hierarchical. Deeply reliant on "loyalty", "honor" and family (blood relations and marriage being very important) most of the Albanian networks seem to be "old-fashioned". Albanian Mafia families or clans are usually made up of groups of fewer than 500 members, constituting an extended family residing all along the Balkan route from eastern Turkey, to Western Europe, and North America. They operate in: Israel, Scandinavia, Switzerland, Spain, US, UK, Canada, Italy, Germany, France, Belgium, Australia, and Honduras. Swis prosecutors state that: The Albanian Mafia is one of the strongest of what is believed to be the 8 strongest criminal organizations in the world. Besides the Albanian Mob, these organizations include: Italian Mafia, Russian Mafia, Chinese Triad, Japanese Yakuza, Mexican Drug Cartels, and Colombian Drug Cartels. Today they remain the dominant organized group in Albania, and have operations accross the world, and are belived to control around 55% of the world's herorine trade, as well as being believed to control 3 quarters of the brothels in London.